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As a result, I loved to play with him. Working with him—no. Maybe Fred read his press clippings, or at least lined his cage with them.

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Ser Pounce is mentioned several times in George R. His symbolic purpose fulfilled, there was no real reason to bring back Ser Pounce—especially because, according to Dormer , the cat was kind of a jerk.

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Death was commonplace on The Sopranos, and more often than not, even the loss of a friend barely elicited a solemn toast before the survivors started divvying up their interests. And if the deceased was a rat, fuhgeddaboudit —Tony Soprano and his crew wasted no tears on a fink whose name would never be spoken aloud again. After being spotted by a Today producer on a Perry Como variety hour, a young chimpanzee named J. Diners stopped by for decadent chili-cheese fries, hot dogs, burgers and barbecue for the better part of a decade.

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No longer: The restaurant closed in late December. Is it a sign of the times? Likely not.

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The restaurant owners on Facebook said they had different plans for the future. The drive-thru-only eatery serves an affordable lunch and dinner menu of barbecue basics, like wood-smoked pulled pork, sausages and brisket, served with sides like potato salad and baked beans. Right down the street, The Whale , a craft beer taproom, opened shortly before Christmas.