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It always seemedto stop the show, say we are giving the star a song to sing, and then continue afterwards Infact, I think they gasped. I didn't because I knew that line was coming.

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But when I first heard that line in the movie version, I was actually shocked. A good Emcee gives the best punch in the face with "At all," especially in those circumstances. I Don't Care Much. The simultaneous most gorgeous and wrist-slitting song. I always felt that the Emcee was emulating Sally up there. I always felt a little flashback to when Kost is up in the square as the chanteuse and she certainly fits the description of the song.

But between the sparkly dress, hairstyle, and no care in the world, he's really representing Sally. It's kind of like everything that the supposed happiness of the song Cabaret is suppressing. Outwardly, she's still clinging to her delusion that Berlin is one big party and will support her no matter what. I Don't Care Much shows what she's truly feeling. When she's shown in that empty orchestra block at the end It's interesting since the film how the status of the leading players has changed in the public focus.

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The original production had the legendary Lotte Lenya with her Brecht associations as Schneider, so that role had a lot of prominence naturally and Sally was virtually a featured player. The prominence of Sally in the film, as well as the Emcee based on Grey's extreme popularity in the part shifted the public perception of the piece. It remains, to me, one of the most balanced of ensemble pieces, particularly when Sally's songs added for the film are included.

Notice in the film, the rich man is talking about how the Nazis will control the Communists and then "they" the good Germans will control the Nazis. After the song reaches its climax, Michael York turns to the rich man and says "Still think you can I thought it was a satirical look at their viewpoints.

The story is a crossover between Sherlock Holmes and Tarzan. At an early part of the story, several members of the House of Lords are discussing the strange situation of Lord Greystroke. LORD 2: A female ape? How you handle that is up to you. Anyway, since we're talking about how people interpreted different parts of the show, I was just wondering what people thought the ending ment. I have a few different ideas but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals.

If You Could See Her

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Willkommen to Joel Grey's straw hat from the film Cabaret. Straw hat from the film Cabaret It turns out, straw is a sturdier substance than you might assume. Joel Grey with the straw hat he wore in the film, with an image from its famous scene. Although created in , the straw hat is remarkably stable.

The straw hat joins other elements of Grey's costume from the film, including a tuxedo of tailcoat, ruffled shirt, cummerbund, and pants.


Bowers says that these pieces were created to look shabby, and are "beautifully sort of tattered," which reflects the shady nature of Grey's character and the cabaret itself. Posted in From the Collections , Intern Perspectives. Related Blog Posts. A blinged-up beacon called Carol Channing. The saga of Davy Crockett's coonskin cap.

Remembering Esther Williams, Dwight Blocker Bowers remembers actress Esther Williams, who died yesterday. She was much more than a would-be Olympic swimmer. Subscribe to our feed Subscribe by e-mail.

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  • The Beatles. I know what you're thinking, you wonder why I chose her out of all the ladies in the world. Alfred Publishing Co. Cabaret [Original Broadway Cast]. Two Ladies Joel Grey. View All. Musicnotes Pro Send a Gift Card. Toggle navigation. Save on Every Order! Musicnotes Pro. Become a Member Today! Add to Cart. Transpose 0. No transpositions available.