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The best painted army was also a really tight competition I asked 5 of my regular customers playing Guild Ball to cast a vote on who they thought should win. The runner up was Ben with his Slaanesh inspired army a number of his followers that had taken refuge deep in the forests as they hunted for their master this and his next idea really inspired me to read some fluff as I do his back story no justice here. All that's left to say is a big thank you to everyone else who came especially all your kind words about the venue, tables and those who said they would return means a lot and I look forward to welcoming you all back in January at our next event The Justice Series tickets are on sale now and is capped at 20 players should be great chance to get a final test in before the first Grand Tournament Heat see you all then!

I leave you with a pic of myself with the winner Alex and Jack with his wooden spoon also the top performing army lists. Alex Harrison 1st Place Order. Matt Robertson 2nd Place Beastclaw. Nathan Foster 3rd Place Chaos. Joe Grimwade 4th Place Order. Tom Best Finalist into round 3 Stormcast. Phone: Email: hello justplaygames. Sign in. November 15, Ritchie McAlley.

The calm before the Battle Begins It was great day with some fantastic armies on display and a great mix with Sylvaneth having the biggest showing either as Sylvaneth Allegiance or in Order armies but I will go over most the top performing army lists later. Outburst quickly fell upon Verminking's decision, and a veto was eventually issued. It never passed, as Verminking pointed out a third supporter amongst them, with the warpstone eyes of the Horned Rat's throne glowing ever so slightly at Verminking's statement. Vetoes were redistributed and the motion was passed by a narrow margin in favour of Verminking.

With the decision made, the Shadow Lords of Decay all left the Chamber and went about their separate ways. As the Imperial year of IC comes to a close, the former province of Sylvania was ultimately contained from the threat of an Undead invasion thanks to the masterful genius of the Wall of Faith. Such things are, the Emperor's Council still considered Sylvania's independence as a precursor to a new campaign of terror against the Imperial rule.

Thus, the Emperor felt that Sylvania had gone from an occasional dagger at the Empire's side, to an open threat that he no longer had the luxury of overlooking any longer. With the Wall of Faith containing the Undead from invading the Empire, Karl Franz took the time to order all military assets of the Empire into the Sylvanian Campaign , and plans to utterly cleanse the land from the taint of death once and for all.

However, just as the Emperor was due to depart in two days for the Sylvanian Campaign, riders from Kislev urgently came to Altdorf and gave the Emperor dire news. The Kingdom of Kislev is in flames. The armies of the Dark Gods have gathered in their hundreds of thousands, with the northern lands of Kislev awashed in an orgy of blood and fire. Boyar Syrgei Tannarov of Chebokov, warned the Emperor that the lands of the northern and western Bolgasgrad has fallen and are awashed by a sea of barbarians.

Given the severity of the news, Karl Franz had expected the Ice Queen to invoke the terms of his old alliance and call upon the Empire to march north to Kislev's salvation.

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The Boyar made no such demands, but told the Emperor that Kislev is lost, and that the Tzarina is holding the hordes off along the River Lynsk not out of hope for her people's salvation but so the Empire might have time to avoid such a similar fate. Gravely disturbed by the Boyar's statement, the Emperor quickly sent out hundreds of heralds towards the many armies of the Empire, and redirect them north to strengthen the northern defences.

For the next few weeks, the entire military-might of the Empire has been redirected north in the tens of thousands, but as they force-marched their way through untamed wilderness, the armies were harried by a multitude of Beastmen tribes and Greenskin warbands springing out of the forest canopy. Even upon their arrival, the Imperial armies have been beset by a splinter force of Chaos armies heading south, with the armies of Ostermark and Talabecland barely holding them at bay. Only a series of brilliant harrying tactics masterminded by Elector Count Aldebrand Ludenhof saw the fortress preserved from imminent destruction.

With the armies of Reikland arriving just in time, Count Ludenhof was reinforced with nearly half of the Emperors personal army, allowing Ludenhof the strength he needs to relive Castle von Rauken from it's siege and upon the Battle of Lubrecht , personally place his long-rifle bullet in the back of one of Vilitch's skulls, forcing him to retreat.

Then, as the Twin-Tailed Comet reached its perigee, outriders from the front-line in the north have brought news that another grander horde of Chaos warriors from the Eastern Steppes are converging upon the Empire, a horde that far eclipsed those thus far encountered. Count Ludenhof's army, the largest Empire formation yet deployed in the north, barely outnumber even the smallest of the newcomer's forces. In Altdorf, Karl Franz redoubled his diplomatic efforts for aid against this new threat, but everywhere his messengers go, there are tales of battle and bloodshed, with the entire Old World beset by a host of dark forces both Old and New.

Not even the stout Dwarves had the time and men to lend their aid towards the Empire, for they too have been beset by a nightmarish hordes from the tunnel depths. Soon, many began to despair, as nothing could stop the hordes from breaking through the northern defences. Salvation came once more by none other then Balthasar Gelt. After meeting with an unknown visitor, the Supreme Patriarch had been given forbidden knowledge that would halt the Chaos armies in their tracks. With the limitless magical possibilities now available to the Supreme Patriarch, Balthasar used an ancient magical scroll that summoned a massive barrier which burst through the lands of northern Kislev, erecting a massive wall of stone so high that no winged creature could ever hope bypass it.

Thus was the creation of the Auric Bastion, the greatest magical wall ever created, and so long as the faith of the Empire's people believe it so, the Bastion shall endure forever. Mallobaude , bastard son of the King, has long been gathering his own army in hopes of overtaking Bretonnia and claim the throne for his own.

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That time finally came by the Twilight's Tide of IC, when he rode out with an army of disgraced knights. Then, as suddenly as they had appeared, the forest spirits left without a trace. The Battle was lost, and even worse, the Fey Enchantress was nowhere to be found. Though Mallobaude's armies were vast, King Louen had the blessings of the Lady at his side, and in due time the King had managed to subdue the treacherous dukes and bring their rebellious dukedoms back into the fold. A year into the campaign, King Louen felt confident that he could end this war very soon. However, by the time he met in bastard son at the Battle of Quenelles , on the Winter's Eve of IC, the King saw before him a massive horde of Undead warriors under the banner of Malloude and his new ally Arkhan the Black.

Vastly outnumbered, the Bretonnian knights began to slowly lose ground until the sudden arrival of the Wood Elves of Athel Loren turned the tide of the battle. Though the battle had been won, at the final height of the fighting, the Bretonnian King, injured after a failed cavalry charge, fought his son in single combat and lost. With the fall of their king, the Bretonnian armies retrieve the body of their King and sounded the retreat, with the Wood Elves carrying their Queen to safety of Athel Loren.

By the last years of the war in IC, with the majority of Bretonnia's military all but defeated, Malloude began to offer a challenge to any knight who would face him in single combat. At Gisoreux, Adelaix, Montfort and many more, he bested all who came against him, believing himself unbeatable by any mortal man, as promised by the dark whispers of Arkhan the Black.

Within the city of Couronne, what remains of Bretonnia's armies stood united against him. Though he outnumbered them greatly, in his arrogance he sent one last challenge towards the remaining dukes. To his horror, the challenger that came to meet him was the immortal Green Knight. Realising his mistake, the bastard son tried to flee, but was killed when the Green Knight spurred forth and decapitated his head. With their master slain, the Undead forces quickly disintegrate and the remainder of his living armies were quickly overcome, with Arkhan nowhere to be seen. With Malloude's body burned to ash, the remaining Dukes began to squabble over the ascension of the throne.

Civil war was imminent, but the sudden appearance of Bretonnia's first king Gilles le Breton , as the Green Knight suddenly stopped the internal conflict. Given new life by the Lady, King Gilles stood beside his people as the first signs of the impending apocalypse began. Days after Gilles' recoronation as Royarch, plague broke out in the southern dukedoms of Quenelles and Carcassone. Then came the Warpstone meteors, blazing across the night sky and landing in multiple locations across the realm.

Within days, mutation began to run rife amongst the populace, and swollen by their numbers, Beastmen warherds by the hundreds began to ravage the lands without resistance. Shrines, villages and towns were quickly lost, including the Dukedom of Bordeleaux's capital city after it was sucked into a Warp rift. With a quarter of their population slain, another quarter left the kingdom and sought refuge within the Empire. Seeing the horrors that has begun to plague his homeland, King Gilles summoned his heralds and declared the last and most grandest Errantry War in their history.

Within days, hundreds or thousands of Knights have flocked towards his banner, and began to mobilise to face the agents of Chaos in combat. When the Council of Thirteen ousted the Grey Seers from their ranks, Lord Morskittar of Clan Skryre wished to shed further shame upon the grey-furs by proposing to the Lords of Decays that he shall finish what the Grey Seers could not, vowing to ensure that the sky shall shatter from a hail of warpstone meteorite.

As the launch for the main attack is scheduled to begin after three moon-cycles, there was left very little time to waste as the project for the Moonshatter rocket is due to launch. Meanwhile, the Grey Seers, once emissaries and self-proclaimed prophets of the Horned Rat were now pariahs in the eyes of their kin. Some of the weaker-willed Grey Seers have pledged themselves to the other Warlord clans, taking the position as advisers and strategists rather then supreme leaders. Most, however were far to proud to accept such a fate, and in desperation they met together in hopes of finding a solution.

Outburst quickly fell upon poor Thanquol as the other Grey Seers blamed Thanquol for all the wrong-doings that has been done upon them, as something always seems to have gone wrong when Thanquol is around to see it. Stripping him of his status as a Grey Seer, Thanquol was mercilessly thrown into the streets whilst his brethren stole his idea for their own benefits, leaving Thanquol to rot. Their judgement clouded by misfortunes, the desperate Grey Seers have gathered in their summoning chamber with nearly fifty-strong of their members present.

Fueled by the raging Winds of Magic, the Verminlords slowly stepped from the tear between worlds and present the Grey Seers the advice they so desperately needed. With their questions answered, the Verminlords dissipated in a cloud of smoke and was lost from sight. Focused on their immediate situation, the Grey Seers began to follow through with the Verminlords advice and try to usurp the power of the Slanns and continue the ritual to bring the Chaos Moon ever closer to this world.

Suffering from disaster after disaster, the Warlock-Engineers of Clan Skyre have felt such devastation from their costly project that no other race could have sustained the level of destruction and cost brought about by these crazed scientist. But as the Chaos Moon grew larger in the sky, Skaven from everywhere in the world could easily feel the great powers that are being bestowed to those of Chaotic origins.

Realizing that the Grey Seers had once again bested him with their mighty spells, Lord Morskittar was furious to the point of insanity. Enraged by the failings of the leader of the project, Chief Warlock Ikit Claw was sentenced to the front lines in the upcoming battles against the Dwarf as a death sentenced.

With their rivals defeated as promised, the Grey Seers continued their arcane struggle against the Mage-Priest of the Lizardmen Empire in a battle of both will, mind and soul. But dragging an entire moon towards the world was a monumental task that not even the greatest of wizards could so easily accomplish, and thus some of their own have dropped dead by the rupturing of their own brains, whilst the moon continues to grow either by inches or miles every day. The vast moon soon pulsated with an eerie green glow and as night fell, the entire jungle continent of Lustria was lit by its presence, and to those that look skyward, they marked the moon growing the largest it has ever been in the history of the entire World.

Alarmed, the Slann Mage-Priest stretched out all of their prodigious mental powers in an attempt to halt the moon's approach. Minds that could move mountains strove to push back the looming disaster, as the very stars fade from the night sky. The Geometric Grid was emptied of power, and as the pressure of this magical duel took place, piece of the chaos moon have broken off and later rained down onto the world, whilst waves of chaotic energies washed itself over Lustria, where the Mage-Priest of all the Temple-Cities tries to hardest to advert the apocalypse that is sure to happen.

After much preparation and the continued approach of the Chaos Moon, the armies of Clan Pestilens and a multitude of other Warlord Clans were at last ready to reignite their war upon the distant jungle-realm of Lustria. Prior to the magical duel that has unfolded between the Slann-Priest and the Grey Seers, the trans-continental undertunnels has been reopened, each route widened to accommodate the great hordes of warriors, warbeast, and war equipment that have passed through it daily.

For nearly a year, a steady river of supplies and infantry blocks have marched non-stop through the one-thousand mile journey to join the masses already gathered in key points throughout the surface of the jungle continent, whilst the Grey Seers still fought against the Mage-Priest for supremacy over the moon. The Lustria assault was part of the overarching campaign planned by the Council of Thirteen to eliminate the Slann-Priest currently holding off the Chaos Moon's approach, and as such, it had the full backing of their considerable power.

All the Skaven clans have lent away a considerable force in this enormous campaign, with the armies of Clan Pestilens bolstered by warbeast from Clan Moulder, siege-engines and Warlock Engineers of Clan Skyre, stealthy and deadly assassins of Clan Eshin, as well as legions upon legions of elite Stormvermin and Clanrat infantry blocks from all the remaining Warlord Clans. Under the leadership of Plaguelord Skrolk , the first stage of their attack plan was to gather in secret beneath the key locations presented by the Council, such as the Temple-Cities of Itza , Tlaxtlan , and Xlanhuapec.

Concealed by dire enchantments, the Plague priest of Clan Pestilens concocted a wide array of deadly diseases from the Cauldron of a Thousand Poxes to be used against the Lizardmen cohorts stationed above. The fumes became so deadly that the battle-hardened warriors of Clan Spittl and the entire Skrittlepeak Skaven Clans have died agonizing deaths. Those that remained immune to the fumes slowly became bloodthirsty for violence, and as the dark moon shone larger then it has ever been in the night sky, the climax of the magical duel was nearly its end and the awaited signal to strike the Temple-Cities would soon begin.

Unable to break the siege, the Dwarfs were slowly isolated and unable to aid one another, a situation that the Lords of Decay have long anticipated. Tempted to finish off Skarsnik once and for all, the Warlord slowly resigned himself and followed the orders his Lord has presented to him. Infuriated with these setbacks, Queek gathered his Warlords and ordered them to send in the clanrats and stormvermin batallions to the front.

It was only after he sent off his officers that Queek got an unexpected visit by one of the manipulators of this conflict. It was there that Queek found out about Thraxx Redclaw's treachery, and after disemboweling his former second-in-command, Queek ordered the attack upon the Halls of Clan Skalfdon. After some time passed, the Dwarfs unleashed their hidden weaponry, and a horn signaled the opening of a massive gate that unleashed a whole company of Ogre Mercenaries and Mournfang cavalry upon the terrified Skaven.

With his army demoralised, Queek retreated with his scattered forces back in into the entrance only to stop when Queek believed the third clawpack reinforcements were coming. Just then, the ground burst open by Skaven drilling machines, but out from the hole came not the third clawpack but a horde of ravenous Squigs.

Then out came whole tribes of Greenskins, with Skarsnik crawling out from one of the hole. With this signal, the Ogres betrayed the Dwarves and soon the three armies began to clash long and hard against one another. Salvation for the Skaven came when Kranskritt and the fifth clawpack emerged from a tunnel in the centre of the cavern, with a Verminlord in the fore.

Using his magic, Kranskritt closed up all the Goblin tunnels, trapping the Greenskins inside whilst the Dwarves and Ogres retreated. With this, Queek and his remaining clanrats began the butchery of the Greenskins, with the upper levels soon falling into the hands of Clan Mors. In time, the Skaven hordes begin to slowly take level by level from the Dwarf and Greenskins alike. None could hope to stop them. By the year of IC, around the time after the end of the horrific victory at the Battle of Quenelles, the remaining Wood Elven combatants that have aided the Bretonnians in that battle began a quick retreat towards the safety of their forest.

Just as Queen Ariel reached the bounds of her kingdom however, a strange sickness suddenly struck her and in desperation the Eternal Guard quickly brought her to the Oak of Ages in hopes of healing herself like many times before. But after a week, the Oak of Ages slowly began to rot as a strange decay began to grow amongst it's roots. Unable to cure her beloved, King Orion grew into a rage and found only comfort in battle, depriving the Wood Elf Council from the guidance and wisdom of both their King and Queen.

Mere months following Ariels sickness, a lone stranger came through the Worldroots and showed herself upon the King's Glade. Alarielle, Everqueen of Ulthuan presented herself upon the Council and pleaded for their aid to rescue her daughter, as she feared her child's fate was part of larger calamity that would upset the natural balance between life and death, a battle that the High Elves could not win alone. So saying, the proud Everqueen abased herself towards the Council and begged for their aid, an act that shocked the Council. Though the Council was divided about this, Durthu Eldest of Ancient knew about this coming calamity and with his advice the Council lend their aid towards their High Elven cousins, renewing their once ancient ties.

Following the Elven Expeditions departure from Athel Loren, to the East Arkhan the Black and what's left of his undead forces have reached the desolate borders of Sylvania, raising the Wall of Faith and continuing his march to confront Count Mannfred. A day later, the two adversaries met alone at Valsborg Bridge, with Arkhan demanding the recovery of a crown, a severed hand, and seven unholy books written in blood. Mannfred knew the intentions of such artifacts and immediately fought Arkhan in a magical duel. During the battle, a shaft of light burst through the clouds as the darkness that enshrouded Sylvania began to dissipate.

Knowing that victory today would mean imminent destruction tomorrow, the Vampire struck an uneasy truce with the Lich. In exchange for Mannfred's assistance, the Lich promised the Vampire that he would be given power unimaginable if he served the Lord of the Dead loyally. With this accursed alliance, the Vampire and Lich returns to Castle Steinste and discuss plans to lift the Wall of Faith and march out to recover the remaining artifacts of Nagash. Just as war begins to spread like wild-fire all over the known world, back upon the still silent lands of Sylvania, the first step upon a long and bloody road was soon in the making as the two reluctant Undead Lord returned to Castle Sternieste, where Mannfred led the Lich to the relics he long sought after.

From the depths of the Castle, Mannfred presented to the Lich the remaining books of Nagash, the Crown of Sorcery, and nine captives all bearing holy blood. Arkhan placed his own two books upon the rest, and judging by the amount that is present, he is confident that he could recover the last three Artifacts with ease. By the time Arkhans preparations were complete, Mannfred gathered an Undead army on the western borders of Sylvania.

With his holy blood, Arkhan carved a path through the Wall of Faith that surrounds Sylvania, allowing the Undead to pass through without harm. With the way open, the Hunt begins. Once beyond the borders of Sylvania, Mannfred and Arkhan found it logical to split their forces up in order to recover the remaining Artifacts faster without attracting too much attention.

Arkhan agreed to travel back west, to the lands of Bretonnia to recover Alakanash , the Great Staff of Nagash within the holy vaults of La Maisontaal Abbey. Mannfred on the other hand would head further south, pass Mad Dog Pass and reach the lair of the Skaven of Clan Mordkin. There Mannfred hopes to find the legendary Fellblade , a mighty weapon once used to kill Nagash in his original life, whose dire enchantments has ensured that should he be reborn once more, he shall grow weaker with each passing rebirth.

With their destination marked, the two went off to their separate goals. Arkhan did not head directly to his prize after parting with Mannfred, for he knew that he need more than the mindless dead at his command if he were to beat the Knights of Bretonnia. Thus Arkhan led his forces towards the foothills of the Vault, just south of the Imperial province of Wissenland.

Having fought alongside Malloube during the Bretonnian Civil War, Krell and Kemmlers support would be instrumental for the battles ahead. The three traveled deeper in the Vaults where within the web-strewn tombs that line the mountainside, the two Necromancers raised the dead of battles long passed. With his regime of Drakenhof Templars bolstered by fresh troops, Arkan marched north directly through the ravaged lands of the Dukedom of Carcassonne and Brionne. With little to oppose his advance, the supposively small army slowly grew ever larger as the dead of the lands stir to life.

Despite the kingdoms state, what remains of Bretonnia's armies could not let such an enemy run wild in their lands, and so a force of Bretonnian Knights and Levies gathered under the banner of Duke Tancred II of Quenelles , attacked the Undead army as they entered the Dukedom of Brionne. However, the Dukes mad rage at the lost of his Dukedom and the hatred he had for the Undead proved his downfall as he drove far too deep into the Undead ranks where he finally fell in battle by his arch-enemy Kemmler.

Demanding revenge, Jerrod asked the prophetess Lady Elynesse for her aid in finding what the Undead are after. In desperation to absolve a pass sin during his treachery at the Bretonnian Civil War, Duke Theodric in his zeal ordered to sally forth and attack the Undead upon the open fields. Upon the night of the Twelfth Battle of La Masontaal, the armies of Arkhan and Krell marched against the armies of Duke Theodric and what remains of Bretonnia's valiant defenders at the meadows just a few miles from La Maisontaal.

At Arkhan's command, the Undead forces of The Arisen and The Hungry formed form themselves into a single titanic horde that would be used as a rotting battering ram against the hastily assembled Bretonnian battle-lines. So tightly-packed was the Undead horde in front of the Bretonnians that it would seem impossible for Duke Theodric and his array of Trebuchets and the archers of Ennar's Outlaws to miss their intended target, even against the dark and gloom of the battlefield.

By the time the first assault wave crossed no more than half the battlefield, that the Bretonnian bombardment suddenly erupted. A hail of firestorms soon burst upon the undead ranks as the sky was ablaze with a rain of fire-arrows and flaming rock. Even under the shower of enemy fire, the Undead continued their advance. Arkhan and Kemmler used their combined magical might to resurrect the fallen dead as quickly as they were killed, and soon the attrition the bombardment inflicted upon the Undead horde was reduced to a mere annoyance.

With the Undead forces advancing towards the line, the Bretonnian skirmishers fell back behind the shieldwalls of the Rapscallards. Krell and the Wights of Stonewrath Tarn were the first to come into contact with the enemy. Battered but unbroken, the peasant shield-wall held their line until a horn signaled the Bretonnian counter-attack. To the right and left, a force of Bretonnian Knights of Aldrad's Lance led by Montglaive d'Treseaux and Duke Theodoric began a pincer-movement against the enemy flanks.

This attack troubled Kemmler little, for the true threat of this attack were the Three Sisters of Ancelious that stood behind the embattled shield-wall, woving counter-spells to halt the two Necromancers resurrection spells. Enrage that a trio of woman would dare to challenge his magical might, Kemmler wove a counter-spell that conjured a lightning bolt from the dark sky, striking the damsels into charred bones. With dawn rising, Duke Theodric still drove deep into the Undead ranks without noticing the damsels demise. From there the Duke charged towards Arkhan the Black whilst he was preoccupied with controlling his army, and with a mighty swing of his axe-blade, the Duke crunched through Arkhan's battle armour and smashed the necromancer to the ground.

Before striking the killing blow, Theodric was attacked by the vampire Anark von Carstein , and was killed by decapitation. With his death the Bretonnians courage was shattered, and with victory nearly achieved, Arkhan surveyed the battlefield to find the Necromancer Heinrich Kemmler missing. Upon the Vaults of the Abbey, Kemmler retrived the Great Staff of Nagash from its resting place and turned towards Arkhan as he entered the room, revealing his secret pact with the Gods of Chaos and his intention to keep the staff for himself.

With a deafing crack, La Maisontaal exploded as a magical duel soon erupted within it's foundations. Outside the abbey, Duke Jerrod and a host of Gioffre's Lance and Fastric's Skylance charged over the horizon and slammed against the Undead's rear-guard. But when the Abbey exploded, what remains of their resolve was shattered as rubble the size of houses fell upon them.

Realizing that the battle was lost, Duke Jerrod signaled the retreat for the remaining Bretonnian forces still alive. As the blare of horns echoed throughout the battlefield, Arkhan drew himself up from the ruins of the Abbey and swept thick ash from his robes. With the death of Kemmler, Arkhan retrieved the Staff and began the long trip back into Sylvania. Around the time just after the Twelfth Battle of La Masontaal was won, the recovery of the second artifact within the bowels of Mad Dog Pass was well underway.

Though the Slaughter at Skullreach Caverns would not be one of Mannfred's most glamorous of victories, it nevertheless was a massacre to behold as it has laid low a Skaven clan tens of thousands strong, perhaps even more. Such were their numbers that Mannfred committed wave after wave of the Graveborn into the labyrinthine tunnels in hopes of mapping out his destination as well as to thin the ranks of the incoming swarms of clanrats.

Saving his most elite core units in the back, the savage war of attribution has allowed the Undead to descend deeper into the lair of Clan Mordkin. Skaven resistance to the encroaching Undead was sporadic at first, with those disgraced chieftains living in the periphery of Clan Mordkin territory, lacked greatly in both tactical skill and strong unification to properly halt their advance. Eventually the upper levels were lost as a the shrieks of dying Skaven echoed down the caverns and into the fortress-lair of Clan Mordkin. Knowing his realm was beset, Warlord Feskit rose from his throne and mustered the entire Clan for war.

Gathering his most loyal and battle-hardened chieftains into the fold, Warlord Feskit has amassed a massive force behind the bone-gates of his fortress, promising those who are successful with great plunder and glory for him and the clan. As the Undead forced their way deeper into the Mordkin territory, the bone-gates of the Fortress swung open and a horde of clanrats and stormvermin battalions rushed out and funneled their way into the tunnel networks. Warlord Snikrat , second-in-command to Warlord Feskit himself, leads the Bonehides , the Mordrat Guard , the Bonefodder , the Warp Runners and Lurkers deep into the tunnels and rushed headlong towards the tides of undead that stretch for miles and miles back.

Soon the gears and pipes that lined the walls of the tunnels were oiled by the blood and gore of the combatants as savage tunnel fighting erupted all around them. Though the Skaven were proven far more numerous than the Undead, the cramp conditions of the tunnels could only commit six Skaven at a time. Driven onward by the will of Mannfred, the zombies at the front ranks marched blindly into the Skaven spears and fought tooth and nail through the wall of flesh.

Cornered like the rats they are, the terrified Skaven fought back savagely with claws and incisors, as they had no where else to run. Yet no matter how desperately they fought, the Skaven could not halt the relentless tides of zombies pouring through the tunnels, and so little by little the Skaven were driven back. In desperation, Warlord Snikrat ordered in his elite Warp-fire Throwers into the front and showered the Undead with deadly warpfire.

The tunnels were caught in flames, but the Undead did not feel pain like the living, and so they came on, blazing like torches and incinerating those Skaven around them. Realizing the tunnels were lost, Warlord Snikrat abandoned the lower levels with those Skaven following suite. The fighting now drew nigh to the last defence -- a bottomless chasm that split the outer tunnels from the great cavern that was the heart of Clan Mordkins fortress-lair.

Lighting the only rickety bridge on fire, the Undead were halted in their tracks. With this moment of relief, Warlord Snikrat ordered his elite Warp-lock Jezzail sniper teams called the Skullsplinters into the front and showered the Undead with a murderous barrage of warpstone bullets. Undisturbed by this turn of events, Mannfred walked calmly through the barrage and used his magic to create a bridge out of the bones of the zombies.

Within moments, under the hail of bullets, the bridge was completed, an a thunderous charge of the Drakenhof Templars , Doom Riders and the Spectres of Corpse Wood have routed and massacred the Skaven to the last. Only Snikrat survived, where upon his return he was met with dire punishment. Warlord Feskit was outraged, he expected his underlings to last longer than this, but with the lost of several thousand clanrats, Feskit knew that this battle shall soon be fought at his very doorstep.

Over the hours, Feskit has unleashed wave after wave of clanrat and stormvermin infantry battalions, supported by a wide array of Clan Moulder warbeast and Clan Skyre weapons-teams against the Undead, enough to capture an entire surface city. But the Vampire and his Knights outmatched them many many times over, and those that lay dead rose up and swelled the Undead ranks. Finally, as the Undead were nigh upon the fortress very walls, the Warlord in desperation brought out his last and most greatest weapon.

Deep inside the fortress, upon a pile of plunder that rose high upon the ceiling, Feskit retrieved the legendary Fellblade from its resting place and walked out to face his adversary. As Feskit emerged from his cave, he beheld the sight before him with a mixture of rage and despair.

The Fortress of Clan Mordkin has been breached, and the Undead pour through the gaps like an unrelenting tide, whilst the skeletal remains of a Dragon the clan has slain long ago, has arisen to life and wreck havoc upon whats left.

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Warned by an instinct of a life-time of distrust, the Warlord spun back and tried to slice the Vampire in half. Mannfred easily evaded him and in one motion he snapped the Warlords arm backwards and struck a blade in his gut. As the Warlord laid dying, the Vampire retrieved the legendary weapon and began his long march back to Sylvania as the remains of an entire clan goes up in flames.

With the two artifacts finally acquired, both Mannfred and Arkhan made the long journey through treacherous territory back into the dust-filled halls of Castle Sternieste. However, the journey back into their power-base in Sylvania has only proven that their suspicions were correct. The World is changing, and the Forces of Chaos are on the rise once more to bring about this change to all corners of the World.

This has been made clear to Arkhan when he made his journey back into Sylvania by marching through the Great Forest of the Empire in secrecy. It was in those dangerous lands that the Necromancer was beset by a multitude of Beastmen warherds tens of thousand strong, all coming from all corners of the forest, as if to stop Arkhan from achieving his goal. Even Mannfred could not deny such ill omens after witnessing the ruination brought upon the Border Princes by the Children of the Horned Rat.

Reviewing these unlikely daemonic intervention and those that has happened to other agents of Nagash, Arkhan has come to suspect that even the Gods of Chaos fear the return of the Lord of the Dead. With their suspicion correct, and the realization that the darkness that has engulfed Sylvania is slowly dissipating following the death of Lupio Blaze, both Mannfred and Arkhan knew that time is of the essence. Quickly, Mannfred called upon his remaining Undead forces from all across his realm into a mighty army that would be needed to break through the mighty walls of one of the Empire's most grandest of Fortresses; Heldenhame Keep.

Though neither Mannfred nor Arkhan could care to admitted it, Heldenhame Keep would be the first of a series of difficult obstacle that lay before them. Heldenhame Keep is a fortress-city to behold, a massive metropolis that is surrounded by both an inner and outer wall, with a heavily populated city just outside the inner battlements. The key to breaching such a fortress lay within the hastily repaired western walls that was previously destroyed by Waaagh! Bludtoof just a year ago, which was now garrisoned by several batteries of Nuln-forged artillery cannons.

Such a target proved obvious to exploit but Mannfred and Arkhan had something different in mind. Upon the western slopes of the Imperial Fortress, Arkhan walked calmly towards the thicket concentration of bodies that had been buried during the Greenskin siege a year ago. The enchantment that rouse the thousand strong bodies was heard by the watchmen at their post in the western battlements, and bells and horns awaken the sleeping city into a frenzy. Commandant Otto Kross was roused from his drunken sleep and took personal command of the fortress defense.

As the skeletons march across the field towards the outer walls, from behind them an array of bone-built catapults launched a barrage against the weakened western walls in between the Rosemeyer Bastion and Sigmudas Bastion. In response, cannon batteries upon the two Imperial bastions open fired and destroyed one of the catapults.

However, a dark magic slowly reconstructed the siege equipment and the barrage continued again. Unable to destroy the enemy catapults, the Imperial regiment of Heldenhame Holdwatch and the Talabheim VI simply stood behind their walls and endure the siege whilst Father Janos Odkier walked across the battlements and inspired the men. As the Skeletons reached within range, Imperial handgunners opened fire with scores of skeletons falling into shattered bones. But they as well reanimate themselves and soon formed their bones into a living ladder where scores of skeletons could climb up on.

Soon the Helblasters upon Rosemeyer Bastion malfunctioned and without her sister-artillery's covering fire, Sigmudas Bastion was quickly overcome by the Skeletal assault. Father Odkier rallied the men to a last desperate defence, but he too fell as skeletal hands drove him down the walls. As the Imperial forces were losing ground, the western walls finally gave in and collapse, killing the frustrated Otto Kross and providing a breach for the Undead to march through. What survivors that came from the walls formed up alongside Captain Volker and his own highly-trained regiment of soldiers.

Though fear corrupted their minds, their hearts knew that they are the only things standing between them and their loved ones within the city, and so with a harsh battle-cry they climbed the slopes of the breach and held the line. Upon the eastern walls, trumpets blared as the entire brotherhood of the Knight's of Sigmar's Blood nearly twelve-hundred strong, rode out alongside Grand Master Hans Leitdorf and crushed phalanx after phalanx of Skeletal warriors. It was then that Arkhan and Mannfred had set their plan into motion. With the entire Knightly Order outside the city, Arkhan withdrew from the battlefield and allowed Mannfred and an elite core of Undead warriors to strike through the breach and head directly into Heldenhame Castle.

Though the Castellans of the Order fought heroically against the onslaught, nothing could easily best a being such as the Lord of Sylvania and after a bloodbath and the death of the Order's second-in-command, Rudolph Weskar , the Vampire retrieved Morikhane, the Black Armour of Nagash and quickly fled the battlefield. With his departure, the Castle was choked with the dead bodies of the Order and the shame that it brought upon the Grand Master has ensured that he will seek vengeance one last time before the very end.

It is the year IC, and the perils of Mankind grows darker and grimmer with each passing day. The nation of Kislev, once the greatest horse-born nations in the Old World has been overwhelmed under an unstoppable sea of barbarians. The capital city of Kislev, once one of the greatest northern bastions ever erected within the Old World, with defenders numbering in the hundreds of thousands, has fallen, and the great Ice Palace of Queen Katarina has been burned to the ground.

Kislev as a nation was gone; only the massive port-city of Erengrad still remains as the armies of Ostland fight desperately to hold her. The battlegrounds have slowly crawled its way to the south, until finally the Chaos hordes were stop not by swords or cannons, but a giant wall of earth hundreds of miles high.

Forged by the union of Magic and Faith, the prayers and faith of an entire nation has crated its foundations.

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Neither claw nor grapple found purchase within its sheer slops, none could breach through the mile-thick rock as it would swiftly heal any of its wounds instantly, not even daemons could stray to close to it, for the holy wall burns them with its presence. A great chain of ritual-circles ran from Erengrad to the West, to the fortress of Rackspire to the east, with Wizards and Priest funneling both magic and faith unto the walls to ensure its durability. The military might of the Empire has finally been unleashed, and soon legions of Imperial soldiers march ceaselessly through the land, instilling order and destroying Beastmen hordes by the dozens.

Pyres of the convicted and the damned lit the lands like wildfire as the Witch Hunters and Warrior Priest hunt down any at all Chaos worshipers with terrible efficiency. Whilst Count von Raukov and Boyar Tannarov held the small corner of Kislev around Erengrad, Count Ludenhof used his amazing skills of military organizations to hold the central stretch of the Auric Bastion, as several breaches were made upon the walls.

Within the following months, at last the artillerymen of Nuln have arrived and brought forth hundreds of cannons and rocket artillery upon the war-front. There they directed barrages of rockets and mortar fire over the wall and struck the tightly packed hordes with great ferocity. In response, Chaos artillery returned fire and the intensity of the bombards on both side did not let up. For many weeks this devastation continued until finally, a shift in the wind has occurred and a rancid stench soon filled the air of both lands. Plagues struck both Imperials and Northlanders alike, and soon hundreds fell dead as the contagion spreads amongst the camps.

Drastic measures were implemented as Ludenhof used fire to burn out the spreading of the disease, since neither medicine nor magic could heal the afflicted. Though thousands died, Ludenhof had unexpectedly halted its spread once and for all. But this event only signaled the coming of an even greater terror, one that has the potential to crack open the bastion once and for all. As the magical battle between the Slann and the Grey Seers continued, slowly but surely, each of the Slann Mage-Priest were strained beyond mortal fortitude and became comatose by the battle until only Lord Mazdamundi remained.

Using magics beyond the ken of mortals, the eldest of the remaining Slann countered the fell powers of Morrslieb and the Chaos energies it radiated. However, the showering meteorites have breached his defences and struck the jungles of Lustria with a mighty crack, as miles upon miles of jungle were engulfed in firestorms.

Before slipping to his comatose state, Lord Mazdamundi was able to limit the concussive blast cause by the impact, dampening the destructive force from reaching critical levels. With their sacrifice, the moon grew until finally it didn't move any more as the Grey Seers invocations mysteriously became less and less powerful. It was then that an explosion ruptured the Bell-Tower of the Temple of the Horned Rat , killing the best and brightest of the Priesthood, naive at knowing that it was Grey Seer Thanquol who have formulated this daring sabotage after giving away the entire warpstone-hoards of his own former colleagues for the aid of Clan Eshin assassins.

In time, Thanquol's ascendancy to power is becoming undeniable. Even as the concussive blast waves flattened mile-wide swathes of jungle, great rents within the earth appeared as the Skaven hordes burst out of the tunnels and flooded the surface above. Lit by the green glow of the moon, the hordes swept through the scorched terrain like a sea of living fur, with the canopy's of the remaining jungles swaying with constant activity.

Lights suddenly erupt in the sky as spells of banishment glowed brightly like newborn suns. However, these spells were only meant to hurt demons, not the Skaven, and thus the ratmen overcame their blindness and surged towards the first of the Temple cities. The first spearhead to reach their destinations was the assault upon the Temple-City of Tlaxtlan , the City of the Moon.

Swarms of Skink warriors and archer filled the battlements of the city just as innumerable cohorts of powerful Saurus warriors formed battle-lines all across the city streets. Lacking any siege equipment, the first wave of Skaven crashed headlong unto ogre-sized stone blocks, crushing their brethren under the intense pressure of their incoming fellows. Plaguelord Kreegix the Reaver ignored the tremendous casualties and continued their frontal assault, with the first wave of ratmen eventually crushed to death by the incoming second wave. Again and again the waves continued, crushing the previous waves into a bloody pulp against the stone-walls of the city, until the piles of the dead had grown to such a size that the ratmen slowly ascended inch by bloody inch towards the ramparts.

By the sixth wave, the walls were so flooded with the piles of the dead, that the ratmen quickly clambered over them just as the gates of the city were assailed by the now arriving siege engines. Massive Plague Furnace were brought up upon the Gate of the Starpath , with enough room to place three of them at abreast. Hammering the gates like rumbling thunder, the gate eventually shuddered and fell wide opened, with additional breaches made upon the silver Moongate and the Black Onyx Gate of the Dreaming Lotus. The city of Tlaxtlan was breached in a dozen places, and the remaining cohorts of Skinks and Saurus warriors made their stand upon the very streets of the city.

So mighty and disciplined were these cohorts that they were able to defeat wave after wave of the incoming attackers, a kill-ratio of nearly 10 to 1. But the Lizardmen lacked the necessary numbers to reinforce their positions, and thus they slowly began to give ground as the tide of Skaven continued onward. As the first light of dawn came over the horizon, the wide avenues of the city were flooded with the bodies of the dead, with the drainage system of the city overflowing with the color of crimson water.

With no Slann to guide them, command of the city fell upon High-Priest Tetto'eko , where he viewed the battle atop the Temple of the Eclipse. To the north, the Skink district was in flames, whilst to the west, swarms of ratmen were pillaging the Temple of Tepok. For a day and night the battle raged violently non-stop throughout the city, with the Skink attendants trying all they could do to help awaken the unconscious Mage-Priest. Eventually, the scattered bands of defenders were slowly retreating towards the center of the city, where the mountainous Temple of Tlaxcotl and the four Blood Shrines of Sotek were laid out.

Eventually, Tetto'eko had come to the growing realization that the city is lost and the only course left is to evacuate the remaining Slann Mage-priest back to safety. To the east of the central Pyramid, the Temple of Chotec was overwhelmed by force of ratmen several thousand strong, with the hundred-strong Temple-guards fighting viciously to hold them back. Time was running out. Unable to awaken their lords, Lord Tetto'eko reached into the Winds of Magic, and with the willpower of hundreds, the High Priest ensnared a roaring comet and made it hurtle towards the city. He then ordered a mass evacuation of the Slann Mage-Priest and the remaining defenders, ensuring that they rather see the city lie in ruins rather then in the hands of the Skaven.

But the Skink attendants caused delays as they tried their hardest to bring every possible luxury the Slann might need, until finally it was far too late.

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As the final Temple-Guard fell in combat, the Ratmen surged towards the inner sanctum, with hundreds more dying by numerous deathtraps and the last remaining Skink defenders. Unfettered by these loses, the elite Plague-Monks of Clan Pestilens scoured the temple until they found two of the city's Mage-Priest unconscious upon a cloud of rainstorms. Seized by their filthy hands, the two Slann were carried out by the chanting Skaven until they were on top of the very pyramid, with the eyes of thousands upon them as the Slann was hoisted up and down in triumph.

As the chanting grew to a thunder, the Mage-Priest gave one last frail wave of his outstretched hands before the Skaven devoured them whole. Lord Tekko'eko looked at the distant sight and bowed his head in total dejection. Without a second glance, the High Priest and a massive herd of Stegadon and Bastiladon stampeded through the enemy blockade and made headway out into the jungle whilst the Skaven continued their mass looting and the killing of three more Slann Mage-Priest. Sensing that victory was near, Kreegix the Reaver threw forth the reserves, mauling the retreating Lizardmen rearguard of elite Temple-Guards under their leader, Lord Ax-Cha.

However, within moments the Skaven looked up in the sky, eyes-wide as they saw a mountain of fire crashing down upon them. A meteor bigger than Lord Tekko'eko could have ever imagined slammed directly upon the mountainous Temple of Tlaxcotl, with such a force of impact that the city was obliterated entirely.

Shock-waves and firestorms flattened the nearby jungles, which was able to reach the fleeing Lizardmen columns that were already miles away from the impact. After the destruction, the only survivor that were left were the Lizardmen column nearest to the magical protection of the city's last surviving Mage-Priest, Lord Adohi-Tehga , who had just awoken mere moments after the explosion. Following the total annihilation of both the City of Tlaxtlan and the Skaven invaders that were sent there, the remaining Skaven spearheads have redirected their remaining forces to attack the next series of cities that stood in their way.

The second and most largest of the spearheads besieged the Temple-City of Itza , the First City and the capital of the Lizardmen Empire. Unlike the mindless assaults perpetrated by Plaguelord Kreegix during the Fall of Tlaxtlan, the Skaven armies under Plaguelord Gritch , the Great Potentate of Pustulates, and the newly promoted Plaguelord Grilok knew that such a tactic upon the greatest fortress-city in Lustria would lead to a genocide, and as such a different tactic was issued.

With the cracking of whips, tens of thousands of the Chained Ones were brought up to excavate a massive moat all around the enormous city whilst several detachment armies plundered the nearby temples and watch-post located outside the city limits led by the Bilekin Brotherhood.

Though half their numbers were sent towards Warleader Kroq-Gar and the ongoing daemonic battle at the Temple-City of Xahutec , the armies within the city of Itza are still larger than any formation currently engaged within the continent. Outside the city, the Skaven armies stationed there have been continuously harassed by a multitude of assailants. Massive reptilian beast from the jungle-depths would occasionally rampage amongst the camps, killing dozens of the Skaven before dragging their prize back into the canopy.

Host of Skink skirmishers and ambushers hidden within the jungles would silently infiltrate the outlying camps and sabotage everything in sight, as well as expertly killing those hunter-parties that were sent out to find them. Occasionally, flocks of Skink Terradon-riders would fly out of the city and shower the enemy with rocks, arrows and darts.

Despite these engagements, the newly arriving reinforcements of the Contagion Conclave have brought up the virus ammunition needed for their first assault, during which the reinforcements have just barely survived the numerous ambushes by Skink Chameleon on the way to the war-front. With the signal issued, the Virulent Batteries unleashed a barrage of the viruses upon the city outskirts throughout the day and evening. Virulent strains of the Red Pox , the Seeping Pox , Scalamundrax , the Oozing Eye Plague and several other viruses began to stain the outskirts of the city with disgusting pus.

Tekza , Warleader of Itza commanded his cohorts to attack the plague artillery before the start of the next barrage. Yet after his troops began to die of the fumes, Tekza roared the command to fall back deeper into the city, where the enemies Plague-artillery could not reach them. With their enemies retreating, the Virulent Batteries began to move slowly forward in order to infect more sections of the city. In response, flying cohorts of terradons were amassed and sent to wreak havoc upon the exposed Plague Artillery.

Though several artillery pieces were destroyed, Lord Gritch ordered their reconstruction in quick succession, replacing their loses just as quickly as they were destroyed. But as the Skaven begin to construct siege-ramps to begin the assault upon the city, neither the Skaven nor the Lizardmen realised the swaying of the jungles behind them, nor the rumbling of massive footsteps that echo in the distance. Within moments, entire Skaven formations that were placed in the rear-guard were expertly hunted and quietly killed by the Eyes in the Canopy before they could sound the alarm to the rest of the army.

With an almighty roar, a sea of massive snakes emerged out of the jungle canopy. Behind them came massive waves of Red Shields clustered around hulking armoured Kroxigors. At the forefront came a wall of Living Bastion , Fire Lizards and Saurian Calvary stretching from horizon to horizon, moving with such ferocity that they left broken trees in their wake. Above the sky, a host of Ripperdactly know as the Wind that Hungers await the feast that will commence.