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I can go outside time into my own version of reality. What would be the menacing force behind this mystery? Kindle Shadow Warpmancer Series Book 1 by Nicholas Woode-Smith: An unlikely hero may be the key to saving his world from alien invasion, in this galaxy-spanning military space opera series. If you love gritty grimdark like Warhammer 40k and space-faring sagas like Star Wars, you will love the Warpmancer Series.

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No-one knows why, but one man is determined to find out. Uncovering the dark history of his world, he becomes entangled in a war between factions of the advanced pre-Fall society. Now he has no choice but to fight for the future of life itself, planetside. Kindle Elysia by C. Francis: In the far future, forgotten technology is known as magic. With the death of its immortal inventor, the Sovereign, war is brewing. Will, a naive young man, opens a strange letter and finds himself on the run.

He is soon tossed into a thousand-year chess game between the Sovereign and her ancient enemy. Kindle Nook Kobo Apple Are these books no longer free? Sign up for our email and never miss a free book again! I start conflict. War is like fire. It cleanses. I gather the tinder. Strike the match. Fan the flame… Then watch it burn. Warmonger is the prequel to the Primal Series. One is a saga set in medieval Norway, and the other is a modern mystery in which he helps a family of extraordinary women battle a real estate deal of cosmic significance.

Fate Changer: Book 3 in The Lost Witch Trilogy

Maggie MacKay is on the job! Join Maggie and her elfin sidekick Killian for a romp between dimensions as they haul the paranormal bad guys back where they belong! After many blips and blunders, and with the help of his assorted group of friends, Bertly will become the second-greatest sorcerer the world has ever seen.

Kindle Are these books no longer free? City states battle one another for supremacy. Life is cheap, and death comes quickly. Kanika struggles to keep ahead of death in an uncaring world. When a mysterious man comes into her life, how will he affect her? Kindle Other Books in the series.

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Their world, their rules do not apply to humans like me. Nothing is going his way, nor does he feel like he has a purpose in life. But then his life is about to be changed for good as he all of a sudden is been giving special powers that make him able to change everything in anything he wants! An incredible wizard. One boy must do the impossible to change his life forever… As Ozel hopes for a better future, a mysterious wizard gives him the gift of an apprenticeship and some unbelievable magic.

Kindle Petra Immortal Codex Book 1 by Cheri Lasota: At the moment of my making, at the turn of the first millennium amid the glories and horrors of Ancient Rome, two men died with me. Both reborn in my immortal blood, one became my lover and the other, my enemy. I promised the unspeakable to save Lucius from Clarius. The bargain, once struck, was simple: die with Clarius once a year to keep Lucius safe for eternity.

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When they embark on an underground search for him with their less-than-reliable puka scout Schmalch, what they find is beyond any expectation. Hicks: A mad scientist gave Reika the power to control the elements and then vanished without a trace. Her search to uncover the origins of her powers has thrown her into the invisible war between humans and demons in New York. One Angel… The human he craves and a love fated to end the world.

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She has much to learn about her powers and why they have been given to her. It appears her destiny has been planned and she must find her place in the Highlands, where danger is never far away — and neither is magick. Perry: Cass is a seasoned warrior with many battles under her belt. But when a god is in the mix, no outcome is certain. Her quest is simple — help a king find a cure for his ailing queen.

The only problem is the cure is in the hands of a mercurial god, one who has a habit of killing humans. Thomas: Time for a reading binge? Looking for a fresh, fast-paced adventure, with unique characters, odd circumstances, unusual events, including an exceptional and original storyline? Get these six books and enjoy hours of reading. Peter Alesso: As the last starfighter in Squadron , only Henry Gallant can stop the alien invasion. In an era of genetic engineering, he is the only Natural left in the fleet.