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We have decided to move but we love latin america and we actually hate to leave mexico. Someone mentioned Ecuador. So I said, Ecuador? I thought I could place it, must be on the equator I though and indeed it was. Never crossed my mind whether as a tourist destination or a real place except i think for the Galapagos. I will be moving I think early in the year and have been writing to people to find an apartment for a couple of months and then use that to explore and pick a place.

I think that living in mexico has helped me out here since i now speak a bit of spanish and know what a mercado is and a supermercado. I know not to drink the water and I like high altitudes since I live in Morelia where the air is cooler all of the time. I do hope you will remember us and keep us in mind if you bump across a decent house to rent in the to usd range. Can you imagine what U. Anything can happen anywhere and we can just try to protect ourselves and community against extreme change and inflation.

I slowly but gathering steam. I appreciate the information and find it all useful —except Bryan I wish you would tell me how the process you got your residency 5 years. HaHa Please keep it up Gary and Logan. Some good points are being made in the comments. Some of them sold cheap, to get what they could, while they could. Thank God we paid cash for it, so we at least have that to fall back on… provided anyone wants to buy.

And part of it is due to the general instability of a country consumed by 60, dead in four years from the drug wars. But before the dollar showed signs of collapsing or the drug-lords started holding their battles in the streets, we had already seen the symptoms of the Gringo Effect here. Electricity and gas, already pricier that in the US, literally goes up weekly.

The beachfront area we chose for our retirement happens to be one of the better areas in our neck of the woods, with mostly professional people living here. But as the costs went up, the teachers and managers were replaced by business owners and politicians — they could afford it; the previous residents no longer could. Even those willing to drop their rates are unable to find tenants. What Ron says is true. I saw it in Asia, I saw it in Europe, I even saw it in Texas during the oil boom… low costs brings greater influx, which in turn, brings higher costs.

But I think you need to keep an eye peeled for the handwriting on the wall, and be thinking where you may go next. What a bunch of negative people!!! Back to the original question…I watch House Hunters International all the time. One of my work responsibilities is to negotiate network cable advertising for my clients, and I buy time in House Hunters International along with other HGTV programming, including the original House Hunters.

My HGTV salesperson was quite surprised when we talked about this program because I knew so many of the people involved, including the realtor who sold me my condo in Manta which should be finished shortly. I look forward to watching your particular program to find out more about Cuenca. I like HGTV. My husband and I check in on it almost every week.

There are 3 we particularly like, but really enjoy International House Hunters for the insight to other countries and the various economy. Sometimes I misspell my own name. My family and I may be selling newspapers on the street corner. From what I read Ecuador is a breath of fresh air and hopefully a place where children can grow up with good values and adults live a quality of life hard to find in other places.

I appreciate sharing that dream. Just my opinion. It seems hypocritical because they once moved to Cuenca and probably drove up prices. Thanks Diane — appreciate your comments. For a while, we were wondering if we were the only people who thought this sounded a little backward. I live in Costa Rica for the past 3 years, and it is expensive here but I hardly ever see homes that expensive that HHI showed on its Costa Rica episoides. Little did we know at the time that so many expats lived there or were moving there. We had been planning our move back to his home town of Cuenca for the past 34 years and are so happy to now to be living our dream.

We too had a great time working with the crew to film the show, it was a wonderful experience. Hi Diane — very nice. Thanks for posting your comment. How long ago was your episode? Are you still in Cuenca? I would love to find the episode link and share it on our site. I think our readers would enjoy reading your experience. What do you think? Hi Diane, I had forgotten about your episode until this post. I had enjoyed it. Are you still there? I remember how much it meant to your husband to be back in his homeland. My husband and I are still looking at Cuenca as a retirement spot,but we have 2 more years of working.

No Roni, it is not a vacation home. We live in our home in Cuenca 6 months out of the year and the other 6 months we spend in our home in the States. This was our plan and so far have been living that plan, it works great for us. Someday we may change that and spend more time in Cuenca but for now we go back and forth. Some places there are no rules or the rules only apply to the newest player. I probably would. Bryan seems to be explaining what the rules are and what works for his family to which I appreciate along with all the other input-posts.

Gary and Logan. Hi Gary and Logan — almost always the high price will reduce, when you know what it actually should be. We have always been give the latest months bill to show it is up to date, and we take over from there. It would be rare in my opinion if this happened. My apologies. Hi Gary — no worries, either way, no big deal.

It might happen here too — we have limited experience. I agree fully with you. I suspect however that sometimes the desire to acquire something can override common sense, if not dignity. I have been there and done that much to my everlasting shame. They have broadcast a couple shows on Ecuador, one was a couple who were natives coming back. Two shows about couples buying vacation getaways in Cotacachi and Salinas.

They were all good but these couples had deeper pockets than I have. I would have to rent so I am really looking forward to your show.

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Ecuador is on my short list of retirement spots, but I am having a tough time having to give up my car and my new flat screen TV. I know this sounds silly but being very American, my car is like part of me. While cost of living is one of the factors for me, I have travelled to Ecuador many times and love the country. I look forward to meeting both Ecuadorians and Expats, but definitely want to immerse myself in the culture. Bryan:Thank you.

I viewed your web and it is great. I am living in the Philippines and even though the rent is cheaper food costs,electricity,and other necessities are much higher here. I am from the U. I will be coming with my 7 year old Daughter and my Lady who has a 7 year old girl and am on S. I will have to ask others for good advice and appreciate the post and read loyally.

Thanks for your feedback Gary. Glad to hear that our site has been helpful. Would you be interested to share your expat story? We have yet to cover the Philippines. I think it would make a great addition — and we could publish a new one once you get settled in Ecuador. Looking forward to it. Gary and Logan, I was born in the P. I am now retired with SS pension and currently living here in Florida from Virginia with the hope that this house would be our final retirement home. I was mistaken. When we traveled in Salinas last July, I liked the place so much especially the weather — no hurricane and the temperature is perfect for me that I bought a condo still under construction along the malecon.

Cuenca is a very beautiful city but my love for the beach prevailed. Good for you. I love a success story and glad to see you found your paradise. I lived in Jacksonville Fl. Hope we can meet up soon and talk about good times. Thank you for your confirming my hopes of Ecuador. Have fun and enjoy. Well, I got a little sidetracked by some of the comments about your casting video.

I thoroughly enjoyed the video and am looking forward to seeing the actual episode. Cuenca is a great city to enjoy an amazing culture. I think there is something for everyone here. And finding inexpensive rentals will likely always be here if you want to live as an Ecuadorian which I think is the only way. We appreciated seeing your video you both look so much younger on video than your photos.

Post more if you can or start selling DVDS. Wow — thanks John. This is awesome news!! I love the show and I hope to retire in Ecuador in the not to distant future. I look forward to the episode Bryan and family. We really have no control about it — its up to production now. De que hable de a vivir con la comunidad? Usted vive con la comunidad? En que sentido hable? Que significar este? Yo nunca he vivido arededor otros paisanos y siempre he estado un parte de la comunidad mejor. Yo hablo cada lengua de los paises de donde vivia.

Hay 5. La cosa es que el dinero de social security es capsulado y se no cambiarse. Si los precios sube no hay mas dinero por la gente jubilado. No es una pregunta de a ser un parte de la comunidad. Thanks again for a great website, the info you provide has been extremely helpful and your daughter.. Drew is such a sweetie.

Anderson is correct. I am looking for a new retirement haven because I got priced out of my last home. After the advent of the Internet and forums, the expat population of my community boomed. In 6 months we got more people than in the previous 10 years. The price they paid for that was adjusting to a level of danger that is not seen in Thailand.

I left there after many house breakins and robberies.

Screen Test

Same thing happened with San Jose and all the expat communities in Mexico. I agree with you, that some areas have suffered from having too many expats. And there are hundreds of places being promoted worldwide. There is simply so much information about so many places, to think that one program or one site is going to tip the balance is naive. If someone wants to maintain their low or standard cost of living — get out of the city. Its interesting that it is often the same people who complain about the increasing prices who also socialize exclusively with other foreigners and live in Gringo Compounds.

Part of the solution? The problem is that places like Cuenca are promoted as places for retirees on fixed incomes to retire to. They move down to places like Cuenca on their Social Security, learn basic Spanish and live fine. After the real estate marketers and the con-men find their way to the new expat town the prices explode and those retirees can no longer afford to live there. Koh Samui was exactly like Salinas.

No way you can retiree there on social security now. Subic Bay, Phillipines was the same and the locals got priced out of decent housing and the got upset about it. Now almost no expats live there because of the backlash. Sure we can all move to some small Puebla and live. I lived in a Thai village for a year. You have to live like them or you stick out. They want to be near infrastructure and their fellow countrymen.

Wait 5 years and it will cost more than Florida. Thailand does. You are young and adventurous. You can live with the locals. I understand that you think it is all out there for everyone to see and that is just the way it goes but trust me on this. Because that is what the market will bear. What happens after that? They know what will happen to prices. Cuenca is being especially marketed to gringos. No other retirement haven is being marketed like Cuenca. I should have couched my response.

I have no problem with gringos moving to Cuenca or any other place. Americans drive prices up and quickly. A wiliness to overpay, not learning the language and an ever growing parasite class of expats that move to the next retirement spot and become rental agents, facilitators and realtors contribute to this. It causes inflation. Then there is the price for services as well. It is short sighted. Look at any of the expat real estate sites popping up.

It causes bad blood because of gentrification. Look at the Ecuadorian expat lawyers doing visas. It affects other expats on fixed incomes and our Ecuadorian neighbors. Well ok but there are repercussions to not living like the locals. Croix, St Thomas and Thailand. Retirees get priced out, locals get really pissed off and the real estate charlatans move on to the next retirement haven. That is something that should be left there.

I know I am speaking to myself here but truly, every great American expat community has been broken up by raising prices fueled by American exceptionalism. Next year baby boomers turn Full Social Security starts getting paid. They are coming. They are coming in the thousands as soon as those checks start coming. They are the largest group of retirees humanity has ever known. Lets hope that this time we can all have some sense.

No blog Ron. Totally devastated my town in Thailand. It was a pretty beach town so the monied expats pushed all the fixed income guys out. We all moved to the Philippines. There was a backlash from the locals and the animosity started. Interesting times we live in. World population just hit 7 billion. And not getting killed might have some influence on choice. I am moving to equador from Mexico. I wonder why. Marketing you think? You think Bucaramanga, Colombia is dangerous? It is such a great city and country to learn about the culture and get to know the people.

Moving abroad for low prices is not really a recipe for success — moving to enjoy and eventually become part of the local culture should be the ultimate goal. Glad to hear that you are integrating. We have some Gringo friends of course but we spend the majority of our time with Spanish speaking Ecuadorians.

We work exclusively with Ecuadorians as well. As a statement, increasing the number of expats will cause inflation in real estate has been demonstrated in many studies. At the same time, this immigration acts as a foreign investment and improves the development of the areas affected. There is at once a give and take. This issue will become more acute now as baby boomers arrive at retirement with a good set of resources. Panama and Mexico are often viewed as examples where this phenomenon can be seen.

Prices have gone up in expat areas and locals get pushed to the peripheries. This I dont think will happen in Equador. Panama and Mexico are different because these countries have strong and unique links to the USA. Some Good. Some not so good. It is more natural for an American to go to Panama which once belonged to the USA and Mexico because Mexico has always been a neighbour that is well known and where many Mexicans in fact now live in the USA and as such export the culture.

This is not the case with Equador. Thus, Equador has to compete in a much larger market than say San Miguel de Allende. An American can just as easily retire to Argentina, Chile, Thailand, Malaysia with their special immigration helping policies, Indonesia and even in many countries in Europe where prices are low. The key factors in all of this of course remain price, i. Some of these factors are harder to sell than others, i. It is not simply health care in Equador, but why move to Equador when I know that I can get really good Health care in Mexico and at the same time be closer to the kids.

Yes, there will be inflation if there is a greater movement of Americans or canadians or europeans to Equador. The advertising will drive this as will the price. But price is ultimately a national issue and to have prices rise in a significant way will require that prices rise in all of Equador which has 12 million people or so. I dont think that this will happen too soon. I congratulate Bryan and his family for what they are doing. I think that immigration will help Equador and help develop infrastructure, establish more international sensibilities in both the visitor and the visited and yes, help a few locals make some money and find some work.

There is a limit to exploitation and there is little wrong with paying a fair share.

Henry James: An International Episode – The Mookse and the Gripes

Thank you David. You hit the nail right on the head. My husband and I were all set to retire to Merida,Mexico after several trips of checking out rentals and real estate for sale. We are on a retirement budget and decided it was totally doable. You and your family had better start looking for your next paradise. No offense. But at our age,our life time savings have got to last,because our higher earning years are behind us.

With the mass murders in Vera Cruz and the coastal areas, i think that housing costs will drop in Merida. I have checked the prices of homes in Merida off and on and I have not noted any significant increases. I am not sure where you get your numbers. There are many services out there that predict prices. I would check up on some of these to get an idea of the stability of costs. There is inflation in Mexico and the dollar is not worth as much any more. These two factors could account for your problems.

I dont think a tv program really makes much of a difference. You know your going to drive the price of real estate up, just like what happened to Costa Rica and Belize. I had a few more years before I could have made that a reality. Oh well I guess I will have to look somewhere else. Where you live sounded right up my alley. Will you still pay it? How will you find out what it is really worth? There are landlords in Cuenca right now, before the show comes out that price their places very high, only wanting to rent to Gringos. Who is responsible for the high prices?

People like us, who write about living abroad? Or the individuals who are willingly paying any price? It was about 15 minutes from the center. This is how we found our current apartment as well. No offense Brian,but you are wrong.

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Has this other media coverage been main stream like HGTV? Or are you talking about internet You-Tube stuff. Google it. And not only that expat real estate people drive up the prices,but locals jump on the band wagons. They have televisions. Check out those prices and then look at the pictures of the restaurant. Gringo prices from gringo expats. Total for your 3 coarse sandwich meal. Nothing special about it at all. Cheap right? Wait till Winter of when the babyboomers have 6 months of full social security in the bank.

That restaurant will be packed and new price standards will be set for people dealing with gringos. The Ecuadorians will follow suit and after awhile the backlash will happen. Multiple that by 10,? In late summer of the baby boom happened. Full retirement from SSI is at 67 years old. They are going to be coming from in droves.

Episode Eyewear

Add to that that Cuenca specifically is the most heavily marketed retirement area.. Well, the writing is on the wall. What happened in Mexico is but a small precursor to what is coming. How utterly short sited. We were involved in a loose reenactment.


Lets wait until you see the program before you pass judgement. Your estimates for , gringos arriving after seeing a tv show are based on what? Sure, advertising works. Everyone knows that. To clarify, the show is not a marketing piece for Cuenca. It can be anything from a mis-shaped crystal skull to in this case a simple finger ring. On a dark and stormy night at the Carlton, Paladin finds his latest prospective conquest hijacked by a flamboyant member of Russia's ruling Romanov clan, who glibly quotes Shakespeare's "Two Gentlemen of Verona" - a quote Paladin ruefully equates instead with "Love's Labours Lost".

He is interrupted during a lavish but lonely dinner by a South Sea Beauty worthy of inclusion in a Paul Gauguin painting. She entrusts Paladin with a Signet Ring, a token from the King of the Sandwich Islands demonstrating a willingness to have his country made a U.

Protectorate - and for which her avaricious step brother is prepared to kill her. After she leaves, the step-brother costumed like an extra from "The Student Prince" arrives and insists she intends the ring as a gift for her Lover. But before he can introduce Paladin to this "Lover", he himself is fatally stabbed outside Paladin's suite. Searching for the murderer Paladin encounters a British Secret Agent who sleeps with his shoes on, as well as a burly, sinister German Professor of Military Science, former Naval Attache to the murder victim. Before long there's another murder.

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