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ReTraTos is a toolbox to build linguistic resources useful for machine translation MT : bilingual dictionaries and transfer rules.

ISBN 13: 9789879409473

The induction systems and open linguistic data can be used with the Apertium toolbox to build open-source MT systems. This section describes how to use ReTraTos to create a bilingual dictionary for your Apertium language pair. You will need:. Depending on if you want to create entries for proper names, you could lower-case the whole corpus. Make sure that there are spaces in between any punctuation characters, otherwise the punctuation will be counted as part of the word.

This will result in lines that look something like:.

This'll save you lots of time later on Once the alignment has been made, you will end up with a file that ends in. The script on the talk page serves this purpose.


For Spanish--Italian, it would be called thusly:. This will put two files into the directories. A beautiful behind-thescenes photographic study of everyday life at the Bolshoi Ballet.

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Pages: Format: 14 x 22 cmPictures: apx. Languague: esp. Pages: Size: Page: Size: 16 x 22 cmImages: Language: eng.

Steve McCurry: Retratos (Portraits) (Spanish Edition)

Pages: 64Size: 14,5 x 21 cmImages: Language: eng. Pages: Size: 24 x 30 cmImages: apx. Language: eng. Pages: 64Size: 28 x 40 cmLanguage: esp. Pages: Size: 22 x 28 cmImages: Language: eng.

Los Secretos de la Pintura de Retratos, con C├ęsar Santos

Pages: 90Size: 14 x 22 cmImages: Language: esp. Photoessays Collection. View larger.

Size: 24x30 cm Co-publication with Juan March Foundation. Product Description This book contains more than a hundred artworks by the spanish artist Eduardo Arroyo and it's focused on two aspects previously and barely unreleased: portraits and photography.

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