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Do you offer discounted rates for children? Sorry, we do not offer special prices for children. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. How do I avoid waiting in line? I just bought my ticket online…do I still have to wait in line when I get to the Haunted House? We offer two types of tickets online: a VIP PASS which allows you to skip the ticketing line and the regular pre-purchased ticket line, or the regular online ticket which allows you to skip the ticketing line at the door.

Can I buy tickets in advance? Do you offer group rates? Yes, for groups of 25 or more. Please call and ask for group sales. Note: Groups will be divided into people at a time when entering any of the haunted attractions. Can I make a group reservation? Yes, we offer reservations for groups of 25 or more people. What are the prices for the different haunted attractions?

Please visit our Tickets page for this years pricing. Can I wear sandals or flip flops? Enter at your own risk.

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We have uneven floors in some areas and the scares are very intense and sandals or flip flops are NOT recommended. We are not responsible for lost sandals, flip flops or other personal items. Are there live animals, reptiles, or insects inside? Yes, there are, please be respectful. Can we touch the actors or props?

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  • Contact with our actors is prohibited. You will be asked to leave without a refund if you are caught touching our actors or props. Do you charge for parking? Parking is now free! Do you have strobe lights, loud noises, or fog? Yes, we do have strobe lights, very loud noises and fog machines. You enter at your own risk. If you feel the experience too intense there are emergency exits throughout the attraction. No refunds will be given.

    Which house is your favorite or which house is the scariest? The Edge of Hell Haunted House is a converted five story warehouse that offers a quarter mile walk-thru of sensory stimulation with an old fashioned, high impact scare that is never ending high energy and right in your face. As you ascend into heaven to confront your sins, breathing a sign of relief, you are sent down a five story spiral slide straight into the awaiting arms of the Devil himself.

    If I get too scared to make it through the haunted house, can I get a refund? You paid us to scare you. If you get scared in the line or in the first few rooms and want to leave, we've done what you paid us to do very quickly. Be happy with prompt service! Can I get out if I want to? Unfortunately, I am now priced out of even flying domestically. It is really depressing when you love travel as much as I do. True that air tickets have gone up considerably but if you start your search months in advanced then you are likely to find something at a good price.

    Hmm, so how do you see airfares panning out over the next years? Are there any credible forecasts on this? If airlines are struggling to break even now, is airtravel soon going to slip out of reach of the middle classes? Fares are just going to go up in both real terms and inflation terms. Flights wont slip out of reach too much since airlines will still need those travelers to help make them profitable.

    Interesting article. But simply put Airlines are gouging travelers. Airlines are using technology to their advantage. That is what has changed significantly. They exactly know the demand for seats with a single click of their mouse and are artificially pricing the fares high. Statistically they know how many people will travel regardless.

    None of this was possible few years ago. There is not much competition either. They all work together in unison. They are controlling the supply of seats! God forbid, if you happen to have family emergency and have to fly internationally in a day or two expect to pay several thousand dollars. Fares, fees taxes etc all have gone up and customer service has gone down the toilet.

    I love this article! I work for a major US airline and I am trying to explain this to people daily. When comparing charts of airline ticket prices years ago to today, prices are still relatively close in value. When you consider the general inflation and cost of living increases they should be much higher but no one would pay that much so we have to charge all kinds of random ancillary fees to help recuperate some loss. Prices are being driven by many pressures.. Years ago the passenger railroads were forced into bankruptcy.. The airlines are now facing technological competition by video-conferencing and VOIP..

    Add in a more sentient, aging population and to remain fiancially responsible to their stockholders the airlines will be soon establishing prices every nanosecond.. Get used to change… Like they used to say.. But I am amazed at how expensive it is to travel from just one state to another that is relatively nearby, when the distance is just too much for a drive.

    I, like many others, have very limited free time, so to make the most out of a three day trip, do I want to spend 8 hours or more of it driving? NO way. I live in the Gulf Coast near Mobile, AL, and a flight to Atlanta, Ga was costing me around bucks round trip, and it was not a direct flight. One state over. Nice Posting.. I worked in travel agent for 2 years.. Never buy the airline ticket for holiday season… extremely high. Get LCC 3. The best time to search the ticket is midnight. I often find cheap tickets at this time.

    For low season try to look for 2 to 3 days before departure, there is often a price promo which released. Some complex set of variables including number of routes, number of flights, cost of the plane, cost of the maintenance, lifespan of the plane… availability of enough planes and crews at enough locations to cover all planned and paid for flights. And conversely, if profits are easier to leverage the more you people you fly every day smoothing out and padding that tricky set of fixed costs down below ….

    For most of aviation history, prices were extremely high. The reason prices were high was because they government regulated them, and at the regulated prices the airlines were guaranteed profits.

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    Elegant dinners, cocktails, and friendly service were to be expected. The current state of affairs, where airlines compete aggressively on ticket price, began when prices were deregulated in Of course there was still a culture of high service in place, and the ability to cut prices was hampered by the generous contracts negotiated by airline unions when prices were still regulated and profits guaranteed. The need to offer a high-end experience is essentially why many legacy airlines have attempted to compete with low cost airlines by launching their own low-cost divisions.

    Any airline that offered all of these things would be out of business pretty quickly. Get used to paying more if you want good service. Get used to paying more if you want to eat, drink, or pack a bag. As a middle class family of four, we have been completely priced out of flying. What happens when airlines lose a whole class of millions of people?

    Are there enough wealthy people to keep planes in the air? We moved from Cali to Atlanta 7 years ago, thinking we could fly back every year. We did it the first year, but have been priced out the last six. When we moved we decided to move close to a huge airport hub to make travel easier and cheaper. I agree with this blog. If airlines are going to continue to raise their prices year after year less people will be traveling especially during the vacation time. Since this is when airlines raise their prices drastically. Hello, I wish you would explain why on the same flight most times the taxes charged are higher if the price of the basic fare is lower.

    Meaning the higher the fare the lower the taxes. When you think you have found a low fare then you will find that the taxes are higher then the ones applied to a higher fare and in the end the total amount is the same. So frustrating and a total rip off. Can you explain the reasoniing behind this? Do you have an example?

    Brief History of American Airlines

    There could be a lot of reasons. I have to agree about almost everything you said, especially airline consolidation. The Boston trip takes the very same Newark to Sao Paulo flight!

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    So why is it is cheaper rather than more expensive? This is bizarre. One or two adult tickets would actually pay for the needed gas to go where I need to go and I can also take my children with me at no extra charge. No way! I can get a lot better service driving in our comfy Merc Marauder and enjoy the seas of traffic part ways. Of course this how I like to do things. However for those of us who can, we do ask the airlines the following question: give us a very good reason why we should choose your service over our own?

    Some years back a newspaper had cost of airfares compared to wages. That also was before free bees, air miles whatever. Look at the wages many are making. If they can afford the high priced homes, the cost of heat and light, telephone and internet may as well say everyday living. Air travel is still the best bang for the buck and not a priority. Less travel means less vacations, means a more stressed population, not to mention ignorant to what the rest of the world or even the rest of the country is really like.

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